How Swiss can a chocolate bar be? In any case, according to the Swiss government, Toblerone bars are not enough. That is why the mountaintop of one of the most famous Swiss mountains should no longer be on the wraps.

In Switzerland, strict rules on ‘Swiss’ have been in place since 2017. According to those rules, national symbols may no longer be used for milk products that are not entirely made in Switzerland. For other food products, 80 percent must come from Switzerland. Since Toblerones will partly be made in Slovakia from July, the brand no longer meets these requirements.

The mountain peak that Toblerone had stood on its wrappers for years was that of the famous Matterhorn. It is now being replaced by a mountain peak of which it is not clear which one it is exactly. The text ‘of Switzerland’ (‘of Switzerland’) also disappears from the packaging.

On the packaging since 1970

The well-known triangular bars were first sold in 1908 in the Swiss capital of Bern. Since 1970, the Matterhorn has been on the paper around it.

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