The following is an overview of the ten largest supermarket chains in Switzerland, based on their most recent year-round sales. All data are taken from Retail Index:

  1. Coop turnover: € 30.4 billion (2021);
  2. Migros turnover: € 27.7 billion (2021);
  3. Denner turnover: €3.6 billion (2022);
  4. Manor turnover: € 2.5 billion (2021);
  5. Aldi sales: €2.1 billion (2021);
  6. Track turnover: € 1.5 billion (2021);
  7. Prodega / Growa / Transgourmet turnover: € 1.4 billion (2020);
  8. Lidl turnover: € 1.3 billion (2020);
  9. Savings turnover: € 613 million (2021);
  10. Otto’s

Coop has achieved a turnover of €30.4 billion in 2021, placing it at the top of the list. It operates approximately 2,500 outlets across Switzerland in various sales formats, including wholesale and production companies.

As a cooperative, Coop is managed by a board of directors comprising ten members, with a seven-member executive board responsible for operational management. The President of the Board of Directors is Joos Sutter, and Philipp Wyss serves as the Chairman of the Management Board.

Migros recorded a turnover of €27.7 billion in 2021, securing the second position on the list. The retailer has 1,184 stores across Switzerland and operates under banners such as Migros Supermarkt, Alnatura, Do it + Garden,, Micasa, SportXX, Voi, and electronics. Having been founded in 1925, Migros has nearly a century of history behind it.

Denner achieved an annual turnover of €3.68 billion in 2022 and currently operates an estimated 860 stores. Based in Zurich, its banners include Denner, Denner Bibite, and Denner Express.

Manor recorded a turnover of €2.5 billion in 2021 and operates 61 outlets across Switzerland. Its banners include Manor Food, Manora Fresh To Go, Manora Restaurants, Habitat, and Sanovit.

In 2021, Aldi recorded an annual turnover of €2.1 billion, making it the fifth highest-grossing retailer in Switzerland. Aldi Nord, which has been present in Switzerland since 2005, operates 220 outlets and three distribution centers, catering to specific regions in Switzerland with around 75 branches assigned to each.

Volg reported a turnover of €1.5 billion in 2021 and has 607 stores in Switzerland under the Volg Dorfladen brand.

Prodega/Growa/Transgourmet is the leading cash-and-carry and wholesale business in Switzerland, with a turnover of €1.4 billion in 2020. There are 31 Prodega cash & carry stores located throughout the country.

Lidl reported a turnover of €1.35 billion in Switzerland in 2020 and currently has over 165 outlets across the country. In April 2023, the company announced its plans to expand its organic range and reinforce its commitment to organic farming.

SPAR reported a turnover of €613 million in Switzerland in 2021, and currently has 266 outlets across the country. Its banners include SPAR Express, SPAR, TopCC, and maxi (SPAR). The company entered the Swiss market in 1989.

Entrepreneur Otto Ineichen founded OTTO’s in 1978, and the company, which is headquartered in Sursee, now has 140 stores across Switzerland.

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