Trade between Morocco and Switzerland rose to $ 700 million in 2022, an increase of nearly 20 percent. This is shown by figures from the Swiss customs office.

Swiss exports to Morocco consist mainly of chemical and pharmaceutical goods (29 percent), followed by precision instruments, watches and jewelry (24 percent), machinery, household appliances and electronics (18 percent) and agricultural and fishery products (17 percent).

Switzerland imports mainly textiles, clothing and footwear (2 percent), followed by agricultural and fishery products (19 percent), vehicles (14 percent) and jewelry (13 percent). The European country imported 360 million dollars from Morocco last year, an increase of around 19 percent.

The two countries maintain good relations but signed a declaration in 2021 to further tighten diplomatic relations. The signing took place on the occasion of 100 years of diplomacy between the two countries.

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