The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) interrogates smaller independent sellers of Apple products about the impact of a deal that Amazon concluded with Apple at the end of last year, writes The Verge. Amazon would make it impossible for them to sell older second-hand Apple products.

The Verge spoke to an independent salesperson who said he was approached by the FTC. The man, John Bumstead, sells second-hand MacBooks.

After Apple and Amazon announced their deal, Bumstead was told that his products would be removed from Marketplace within a few months. According to Bumstead, FTC lawyers asked questions about the importance of Amazon’s American Marketplace sales platform for his business and the impact of the removal on his case.

According to Bumstead, after the deal, Amazon removed the existing pages for MacBooks and created new ones, which may only be used by certain vendors. The company then adjusted the rules for selling Apple products by third parties so that many small sellers were in fact no longer able to use Marketplace. Only larger sellers with an annual turnover of 10 million dollars in products or more are still eligible to list the second-hand Apple products.

Last month the European Commission already opened a competition investigation into the distortion of competition of second-hand and other small sellers by Amazon. The company would misuse information from independent sellers on its platform.

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