Expansion is now also continuing in Belgium, according to Market Research Agency Aumacon. Last year, the van Mossel Automotive Group rose from fourth to third place in the ranking of the largest Belgian car dealers. According to Aumacon’s research.

According to the Market Research Agency, a catching-up has been taking place in Belgium regarding acquisitions and mergers in the automotive retail sector. The car trade is increasingly concentrated around the large dealer groups, says Aumacon. Van Mossel, in particular, is already very active with acquisitions in 2021 and previously, for example, also recruited Fidenco. Scale expansion is now also continuing in Belgium.

In 2018, the 50 largest car dealers accounted for 34.4 percent of New Sales of passenger cars and vans, and in 2020 this proportion increased to 49.7 percent. In the top 10, this percentage was 22.9 percent in 2020, compared to 15.5 percent in 2018. By way of comparison, according to Aumacon, the Netherlands top 50 accounts for a market share of 72.4 percent. “It is not yet that far in Belgium, but it is obvious that there is a rapid catching-up,” says Aumacon.

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