Hundreds of thousands of Yarden customers have to pay extra for the ever-higher costs of a funeral. The customers have insurance that covers all costs, but the funeral company is now coming back.

From 1 January 2020, customers with such policies also have to bear the extra costs of a funeral themselves. All cost increases in the future are therefore for the account of the customer and no longer for Yarden.

This may mean that in the event of a funeral in 2030 of the 4000 euros in costs, more than 600 euros must be paid by the family of the policyholder. Around 380,000 customers have such a policy, which was often taken out years ago.

Problematic package policies

Yarden is in financial trouble due to package policies. They do not pay a certain amount, but reimburse all the costs of a funeral, from cake to coffin. In recent years, a funeral has become more expensive and the company has been getting higher bills.

Falling interest rates have further worsened Yarden's financial situation. The company has tried to adjust the insurance in the past, but was called back by the court. Now the company is making an adjustment that is legally valid, the company thinks.

All policyholders involved will receive a letter today about the changes.

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