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200 classic cars found at undisclosed derelict location in the USA

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An incredible collection of classic cars has been discovered in the US, believed to be worth millions. The ‘barn find’ was first documented in a video by the YouTubers from Classic Car Rescue. The vehicles were reportedly found in an abandoned and dilapidated building in the United States.

The term has evolved to encompass any discovery of cars in an abandoned or forgotten state, and this includes this collection of over 200 classics, crammed into an old warehouse. The video’s title suggests it’s an old museum, but whatever it may be, one thing is certain: the building houses an impressive collection of classics.

This is the second significant undiscovered collection of the year. The first ‘barnfind’ was located in the Netherlands and belonged to the Dutchman Ad Palmen. The recluse from Dordrecht managed to keep his beloved collection of over 200 cars off the radar for years until a fire brought it to the attention of the outside world. The multi-million-dollar collection was auctioned by Nico Aaldering of The Gallery, although according to the Dordrecht municipality, it didn’t happen entirely fairly.

The exact location of the American collection is not revealed for understandable reasons. What is certain is that in the video, which lasts just under nine minutes, numerous rare models come to light. At the beginning, you can see two first-generation Camaros, as well as a red Shelby Mustang, likely a GT 500 from 1969. Further along, there is a 1968 Shelby GT500 KR convertible. A similar specimen recently sold for $205,000, according to Motor1.

While $205,000 may seem like a substantial amount, this figure pales in comparison to the two most valuable treasures in the collection: two Auburn Boattail Speedsters parked in a corner of the hall. A 1935 851 SC Speedster from Auburn previously sold for $747,500 at an auction earlier this year. Interestingly, the owner of the collection had a fondness for convertibles. The video showcases around 80 of them. Additionally, there are many American classics from the 1950s and 1960s, as well as cars from the 1920s and 1930s in this mysterious collection.

The footage also features some European models, including a Rolls-Royce and even a relatively modern Mercedes G-Class draped under a cover. Also visible is an elongated limousine with the license plate “1-Elvis.” It’s unclear whether the vehicle truly belonged to the King of Rock ‘n Roll or if the license plate was merely added as a tribute to the late musician. Regardless, the discovered collection is worth millions even without the limousine.

It’s unclear what will happen to the cars, but often, such footage surfaces when the owner of the collection has passed away, and their heirs wish to part with it. So, there’s a good chance that these models will appear at a classic car auction sometime during the year.


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