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Actress Renée Zellweger has sleeping problems

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Oscar winner Renée Zellweger suffers from insomnia. She admits that in an interview with NRC following her much-praised role in the biography film Judy, about actress Judy Garland. The child star from The Wizard of Oz, who died from an overdose of pills, also slept badly.

“I am the most creative at night. Then I also write”

With Renée Zellweger it is fortunately not due to her addiction to amphetamines, she adds immediately. “I am the most creative at night. Then I also write.”

The actress, who is already tipped off by experts for a second Oscar, finds it difficult to answer the question of whether Garland could have been saved. “There was a very interplay of factors: her path was determined by others from a very young age. Women were in any case much less likely to determine their own destiny. But all her problems and difficulties have also made her the big one. artist she was. ”

The actress recognizes how the Hollywood success can swallow you. In 2010 she also decided to take a long break. “There was still very little authenticity in my life. I had few sincere conversations. I often made life-determining decisions based on work obligations. I didn’t see it that way, but family and friends saw it. I no longer noticed how I ciphered myself for my career, because I thought I should be especially grateful and responsible. “

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