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“After the failure, there will be no more films about the Terminator”

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There seems to be a definitive end to the Terminator films now that the latest installment in that series, Dark Fate, seems to be flopping. In America, the film – costing $ 185 million – in the first weekend brought in only $ 29 million. Significantly less than what the makers and studio Paramount had hoped for.

The Hollywood Reporter reports based on insiders that this means the final end to the success series. The franchise tells about a post-apocalyptic future in which a self-thinking computer system called Skynet has seized power on Earth. This computer network tries to exterminate humanity with advanced robots called Terminators.

The most important theme in the series is that Skynet sends several robots to the past in order to eliminate the young version of future resistance leader John Connor and his mother and thus break the resistance against Skynet in the future.

The first two films from 1984 and 1991 were made by director James Cameron and are classics. The parts thereafter were considerably worse and performed poorly at the box office. For the sixth part, Dark Fate, Cameron and his protagonists Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger returned. The reviews were fairly positive, but the audience seems to have largely ignored the films. With the open end, the makers seemed to be hoping for a sequel.

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