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Aselle Tasmagambetova spoke to the «Caspian Dialogue 2019» forum participants about seal conservation project

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International Caspian Economic forum «Caspian Dialogue 2019» has been held yesterday in Moscow. Participating states have offered their innovative projects dedicated to the environmental conservation of Caspian sea. Aselle Tasmagambetova, the president of «Saby» foundation took part in the forum as the speaker for Kazakhstan. She presented the report on the Caspian seal. The population of this endemic animal is shrinking and action is needed to prevent the total extinction.

Saby foundation along with Central Asian Institute of Environmental Studies are working on Caspian seal research and conservation.

Aselle Tasmagambetova about the Foundation, about our work and a little bit about herself

Now ‘Saby’ Foundation is 17 years old: a considerable period to establish a name and to form a solid reputation. But if the reputation is faulty, it is enough time to make this fact clear. Our Foundation has a reputation as a reliable partner, to whom sponsors and philanthropists entrust their input knowing that projects they fund are provided for all contingencies and always well-timed.

Aselle Tasmagambetova

“We do not rush from one action to another: our projects solve systemic problems, they are deeply thought out, therefore, as a rule, conditions and opportunities for their implementation shape well, like puzzles fall into place, and this means moving in the right direction.” – Aselle Tasmagambetova told our reporter.

The central driving force of our Foundation is a great desire to render help those who need it not looking at this for benefit, without propagandizing and chanting slogans and appeals. Because true human desire to help never needs an advocacy.

Why do we do this? For us this is a special job that makes us included in the World and gives the right to sense of self-respect. Facilitating and improving the lives of disadvantaged people, increasing the level of education of young people, giving them the impetus to the development and much more we, first of all, get a huge charge of the fullness of life and self-creation. For each person it is important to be needed – and not only for his/her family and dear ones. To be significant for the society, this is the highest degree of fulfillment as an individual.

There is a phrase said by great Indian philosopher and thinker Swami Vivekananda that never cease to delight Aselle Tasmagambetova and inspire her to new deeds:

‘Do you compassionate towards others? If so, your unity increases. And if you are not compassionate towards others, then may you be the greatest intellectual of all times, you will be left nothing. You are just a kind of chilly intellect and nothing more. But if you compassionate, may you have not read a single book and do not know other languages, but you’re on the right track.’

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