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ASMR video from Katy Perry is totally failed

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Katy Perry (34) tries to connect to the ASMR trend with her new video, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. These are videos that allow viewers to relax because of certain stimuli in the video, such as soft whispers or the creaking of certain objects. The singer is not doing very well.

“That text is not in the song”

“I am now doing my first ASMR video in which I read the lyrics of my song Harleys in Hawaii,” Katy begins her video. The singer sits behind a microphone in a garage where in the background mechanic Bill is busy cleaning an engine. While Katy whispers the lyrics of her track, Bill makes all sorts of different, loud sounds in the background that disturb the singer.

The singer visibly annoys her video. “Fuck this”, she whispers when Bill is again working hard on his engine. “That text is not in the song, I am just a little irritated.”

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