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Bathrobe robbery: Liz Truss is bound to be remembered

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British former prime minister Liz Truss has received a peppered bill for the last month she spent at Chevening, the official residence she was allowed to use as foreign minister. She has been requested to transfer twelve thousand pounds to compensate for some missing bathrobes and some dinner parties with friends.

It concerns the bill for last August. The race to succeed then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson was still in full swing, but Truss had good reason to believe she had an unbridgeable lead over her rival, current prime minister Rishi Sunak. To this end, Truss convened some sessions at Chevening, a country house south of London near Sevenoaks, in which friends and loyal party comrades put their heads together to shape future government policy.

Apparently, it went off the rails. Several guests took the opportunity to bring home the Chevening bathrobe as a keepsake, according to the official Bill presented to Truss. In addition, Truss has to pay for the costs of the dinners that have nothing to do with her role as foreign minister.

Truss fights the bill. A spokesman for Truss told The Daily Mail that a more specific bill has been requested and made it clear that as soon as there would be an agreement on the private costs incurred, the bill would be paid neatly.

Paying that bill is no problem. Although Truss’s Premiership is unanimously described as farce and lasted only 49 days, Truss is – particularly in the United States – a much sought-after speaker. Although she cannot charge the same rates as her predecessor Johnson, these speeches still generate almost 75,000 euros each time.

In addition, Truss is busy writing her ’memories’. Times Radio presenter Matt Chorley called on his listeners to present titles for the book. It produced numerous suggestions, such as’ Diary of a nothingness ’and’ round Downing Street 10 in 49 days’. The funniest is perhaps ’Lettuce pray’, a corruption of ’Let us pray ‘ and a reference to a bet in an English tabloid asking who would survive the longest, a head of lettuce or Truss as prime minister. The salad won, by the way.

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