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Brad Pitt feels like a dinosaur waiting for the comet impact

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Brad Pitt is without a doubt one of the best known and most loved actors. The actor could be seen in many outstanding films such as, among others, Seven, Fight Club and so the list goes on. Soon he will also be featured in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Ad Astra, two films that everyone is looking forward to. Yet Pitt thinks his acting career is slowly but surely coming to an end.

Pitt is 55 years old and believes it is time to pass on the baton to the new generation of actors:

I still spend a lot of time behind the camera and producing films, but I also do less and less . I believe that acting is reserved for younger men. Not that there aren’t enough roles for older men, but it’s a ‘young man’s game’.

According to Pitt, the film landscape is changing considerably, with all the streaming sites and all the blockbuster franchises of today:

I am curious where it all goes and what the future looks like. Yet I am in favor of streaming sites. They deliver more and more quality, while also offering more writers and directors opportunities through these sites. There are so many people with talent and thanks to all the various streaming platforms, they can become increasingly known!

Pitt hopes that the cinemas will not suffer as a result and that the film theaters can also continue to exist:

I hope that the two movements can continue to co-exist. But who knows, maybe I am a dinosaur and the comet is already coming this way …

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