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Demi Moore: “Mother let rape me for money”

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A lot has happened in the life of Demi Moore (56). The actress tells her complete life story in her memoir Inside Out. Earlier she mentioned that she had given birth to a stillborn girl during her marriage to Ashton Kutcher (41), but now she is opening a booklet about how her mother got money from her rapist.

“How does it feel to be cheated for $ 500?”

Demi has experienced a lot in her life, according to her new memoir Inside Out. The 56-year-old explains to Good Morning America how her mother had her raped at the age of 15. “I don’t think it was a transaction of goods directly,” the actress explains. According to Demi, her mother took her to bars so that they would attract men’s attention. Once they came home from such an evening and a man was waiting at their apartment.

That man raped the teenager at the time. After the crime he has asked Demi: “How does it feel to be cheated for 500 dollars?” In her book she describes it as “rape and a terrible betrayal”, but in the interview she backs up a bit. Presenter Diane Sawyer asks if the actress thinks she has been “sold” by her mother, to which she replies: “Deep down I don’t think so, no.”

“I didn’t think it was a direct exchange of a product for money,” Demi continues. “But she did give him access and put me in that position.” Although she had a bad start in her life, Demi eventually became a very successful actress. The book Inside Out, in which she also describes her marriages with Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher, can be ordered from Tuesday.

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