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DiCaprio, Once Upon a Time and streaming opposition

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It makes sense that the necessary film news about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood appears. It is a movie that millions of people are looking forward to. Still, some sad news comes out because of the film. For example, Quentin Tarantino and Brad Pitt announced that their careers are slowly coming to an end. Leading actor Leonardo DiCaprio also commented on the changes taking place in the film world.

Brad Pitt was positive in general about all the streaming platforms of today, but his colleague DiCaprio does not share that opinion. The Oscar-winning actor is not very positive about the future:

“It’s not like I’ve been here since the silent movie, but I clearly notice that everything is changing a lot. Films are made differently, other projects are now financed”.

Always the same

This is how DiCaprio continues: “The studios have so many stories and scripts that are worth creating, but unfortunately they are not working on that. Large studios spend a lot of money. All these large companies take over the film world and forget the artistic aspect. It is just like the 1920s, when several large studios were in control of everything.

“A huge amount of money is being put into streaming services during this time. But with so many films and series, it cannot be otherwise that there is a lot of junk among them. It is nice to see that sometimes risks are taken, with special stories, documentaries, etc. Some artists are given the opportunity to make a film in this way, something that was unthinkable ten years ago. But movies like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood are in danger of extinction… ”

Keeping hope

DiCaprio ends by saying:

“I am not saying that this movie should be celebrated. But enjoy all the directors who still make real films. And let’s hope that in this transition to the new age the ‘old’ form of filmmaking still exists. But the future for the film world looks bleak.”

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