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Disney + is the first to warn about smoking in films

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Disney + is the first streaming service that warns about smoking in films and series. For films such as Dumbo and Peter Pan, it is announced in advance that the images contain ‘tobacco-related items’.

“We want to warn consumers in a proper way in advance”

The streaming service has deliberately opted for this, says Disney Netherlands spokesperson Marike Sterk to RTL News. “In the Netherlands there is no regulation in this area, but we want to warn consumers in a proper way in advance.”

According to her, the warning mainly relates to the Disney + target group. “The warning is primarily intended for parents. They can make a decision themselves, but this way they are at least warned in advance.”

It is striking that, in addition to the smoking report, there is a second warning in the United States. For some films it is also stated that the images contain ‘outdated cultural representation’. This is not yet the case in the Netherlands. “We examine per country whether that is necessary,” says Sterk.

Mischa Stubenitsky, spokesperson for KWF Kankerbestrijding, says she is pleasantly surprised with the Disney + report about smoking. The foundation has been consulting with broadcasters and Kijkwijzer about the possibilities for warning about this. “But to my knowledge it is the first time this has been done in the Netherlands. Disney takes responsibility in this way and shows that smoking is not normal.”

He draws a comparison with violence in films and series. “Everyone thinks it is normal for people to be warned about this and that it is only allowed to look at it from a certain age. That should also become normal for smoking. So many people die every year.”

Stubenitsky is aware that one warning does not solve the entire smoking problem in the Netherlands. “If we really want to do something about the number of people who die from smoking, a lot of measures are needed. But this warning is part of that.” He therefore calls on other streaming services to do the same.

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