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“Dwayne Johnson is much funnier than people think.”

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It was a challenge to make the protagonists of the film Jumanji appear funnier in the sequel. Director Jake Kasdan, who also took care of the sequel after the first Jumanji film, tells BuzzE.

“I think that certainly Dwayne has been able to explore his comic talent even further”

The comedy is currently the most visited title in cinemas. “Above all, we did not want to repeat ourselves, I did not become a filmmaker for that: I want to invent and make something new every time. We searched for a long time, but eventually found an idea that made us very happy. And we could also continue depth. ”

In Jumanji: The Next Level not only the four teenagers from part 1, but also two of their grandfathers end up in the demonic game. This gave Dwayne Johnson (47) and Kevin Hart (40), who in the film give shape to avatars (ie digital characters) with which the participants play the game Jumanji, the opportunity to unpack like old, complaining males. “I think that certainly Dwayne has been able to explore his comic talent even further for this film,” says the director.

“He’s so much funnier than people think. We also wanted to respect the rule that sequels should be bigger and more exciting. They literally reach the” next level “in the game, which means more challenges and more dangerous surprises.”

Incidentally, the presence of Johnson on the set has another advantage. “Dwayne trains very intensively all day long to stay fit and in shape,” explains Kasdan. “He feels good about it and always motivates other cast and crew members to participate.” The director himself did not have time to go to the gym every now and then while shooting. “During such a turning period you sleep too little, you eat poorly and you mainly live on adrenaline.”

Whether or not a third part is arriving, depends on the audience, the maker states. “We still have some nice ideas on paper,” Kasdan explains. “And there are definitely some loose ends at the end of part 2. I would like a great actress like Bebe Neuwirth, who this time can only be seen in the final scene, to have an entire film in front of the lens.” There is no more serious film for Kasdan for the time being. “I think comedy is the nicest genre there is: there is no more beautiful sound than a smiling, full cinema hall. If there is one vocation I have in my life, it is to make as many films as possible to achieve that.”

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