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E.T. is back in a new commercial

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The American cable company Comcast has E.T. brought back to earth. In a commercial for the festive season, the Extra-Terrestrial from the Steven Spielberg film from 1982 returns to his now grown-up buddy Elliott.

The original performer of Elliott, actor Henry Thomas, picked up his old role for the four-minute commercial, made with Spielberg’s approval. E.T. lands in the commercial. in Elliott’s garden, who introduces him to his family. “A lot has changed since you were here,” the father tells his alien friend, who is introduced to the internet, a tablet and a smart TV, among other things.

In a statement, Thomas calls the advertising “a win-win,” because fans of the film see their beloved characters again, but do not run the risk of losing their special memories of the film through a complete sequel.

The actor was ten years old when he recorded the original film. His television sister was played by Drew Barrymore, who was then seven years old. In order to get the young actors into the story as much as possible, Spielberg decided to record the film in chronological order. E.T. became the film with the best box office results ever in 1982 and kept that record for eleven years, until it was broken by Jurassic Park.

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