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Ellen DeGeneres under fire for friendship with George W. Bush

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Not everyone in Hollywood agrees with statements by Ellen DeGeneres (61), who stated in her program to be friends with George W. Bush. The presenter was caught into the camera lens on a football match during the weekend while she was having a chat with the former president.

“I am friends with George Bush, I am friends with many people who have different ideas than me. We seem to have forgotten that it is ok that we all think differently,” said Ellen. She referred to the daily closing of her program, in which she encourages people to be kind to each other. “When I say: be kind to each other, I do not only mean to people who think the same as you, I mean be kind to everyone.”

Among others Reese Witherspoon and Kristen Bell shared the excerpt from the show with praising words for Ellen. For others, her statement certainly did not go down well. Susan Sarandon shared a quote from the response from LGBTQ magazine Out Magazine: “DeGeneres misses the whole point by pretending that it is just someone who has different opinions, not a man who has been repeatedly accused of being a war criminal.”

Mark Ruffalo, too, couldn’t appreciate Ellen’s statements. “Sorry, but until George W. Bush is on trial for the crimes during the war in Iraq, we cannot start talking about kindness.”

Jameela Jamil stated that she was behind the presenter in the first instance. She later removed that tweet, and told the British: “Today I learned more about Bush’s disgusting presidency. We didn’t learn much about him at school, we only heard he was stupid. What a monstrous leader. Now I understand the anger. “

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