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Emergency regulation issued in Dutch village due to persistent riots

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The municipality of Altena has issued an emergency regulation on Sunday for the village of Veen, which has been plagued by nuisance over the last few nights. Saturday night, another wrecking car went up in flames and fireworks were fired, which happened more often last week. Until 2 January, people “who have no business in Veen” are not allowed into the village.

The regulation entered into force on Sunday at 5 p.m. and will remain in force until Saturday 2 January. Under the regulation, people on the streets do not have any items on them that they can use as weapons.

It also includes a ban on cooperation for more than two people, but this was already in fact due to the coronation measures. The ban on entry is not valid for people who live in Veen, who are demonstrably employed in Veen or who are travelling in public transport.

Those who do not comply with the regulation may be sentenced to a maximum of three months ‘ imprisonment or a fine of up to EUR 4,350.

Mayor Egbert Lichtenberg had already called on residents to keep the peace, but that turned out not to work. “The running-in period to Old and new is getting longer, the fires are getting more intense and the suction effect on people from outside is getting greater. Resistance is also growing within the village. In order to prevent further escalation, action has proved necessary.”

n the village it is a tradition to set fire to demolition cars in the run-up to the turn of the year. “Some customs are appreciated. However, this use where demolition cars are set on fire is less pleasant”, says Lichterberg on Saturday.

Police unions have been calling for the city to step up in the last few days. “The mayor has a large number of powers to do so. Why doesn’t that happen? Now the image is that the police aren’t doing anything!”, according to Chairman Gerrit of the camp of the ACP police union on Twitter.

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