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EOTB-Twins: “Our mother did not want us to participate in the show”

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The Terror Twins from Ex On The Beach have been working very hard, but if it was up to their mother that they would never have participated in the MTV program again. Sharon and Esmee Ipema (23) tell the magazine Vrouw.

Sharon and Esmee’s participation in Ex On The Beach triggered a lot. The twins have now participated twice in the MTV program, but also in Just Tattoo of Us and they had their own reality show. Although it seems to be going well for them, their mother was initially less enthusiastic. “Our mother was very sad at first”, Esmee explains.

“She knew what EOTB meant”, Esmee continues. “She just didn’t want us to whore ourselves on television.” You can join in, “she said,” but don’t go to have sex with everyone there. “” But that didn’t stop the ladies from taking it in the Villa. “The last season has only gotten worse, haha.”

The twins have an idea why they went too far. “You have to do something to stand out. My mother has now accepted it. She is proud of us,” says Esmee. They also seem to have quite a hard time with how the program follows them. “Maybe I could have known without having sex on TV. Because of that many guys don’t see a future with me,” said Esmee.

Sharon also sees the negative side of the success. “I regret the second season we participated in,” she explains. “I just hate myself. When I see it again, I find myself looking cheap.” The two do have big plans for the future.

“Becoming rich and do all kinds of fun things on Twinnies. If I don’t have to work anymore, that is actually the goal.”

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