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Eritrean migrant throw woman and her son on the rails, boy died

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Germany is in turmoil after a migrant man yesterday morning pushed a 40-year-old mother and her child (8) for a train at Frankfurt Central Station. The mother managed to escape the approaching train by rolling off the track, but the boy did not survive. Images released today show how the suspect tried to flee after his act.

Madness, that’s what the German newspaper Bild calls the incident. The Hessenschau newspaper writes that “horror and bewilderment prevail”. On platform seven, where the drama took place yesterday, people stop to lay flowers, hugs and letters.

The surveillance images published by Bild show how the 40-year-old suspect, who comes from Eritrea (Africa) but lived in Switzerland, sprinted off the platform after his deed. Once outside the station he probably walked into an adjacent street, but he did not get far. “Bystanders ran after the fleeing man,” said a spokeswoman for the German police. Two blocks away, he was overpowered and officers could arrest him.

The big question that concerns Germany is why he pushed the wife and her son on the track. According to the first findings, there was no relationship between the perpetrator and the victims.

“A fact that makes crime even more meaningless in the eyes of many visitors to the central station,” said the German newspaper Hessenschau.

German authorities warn of “too fast conclusions”. The man is silent in all keys during the interrogations. He is being prosecuted today and charged with one murder and two murder attempts because he pushed not only the boy but also his mother onto the track and tried it with a third person.

According to witnesses, the victims were not at all close to the track. The suspect would have forced them on it with great violence. Many people saw it happen. “Those people were pale, some cried,” said one witness. The mother of the deceased boy collapsed completely.

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