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Gordon wants to make a comeback with brand new songs

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Gordon has set his sights on a comeback on stage and he takes that seriously immediately. On Wednesday he will travel to New York to visit a world-renowned ENT doctor.

“I will fight for my recovery”

“If this doctor can confirm to me that that voice is still there and has not been damaged over the years, I will fight for a full recovery and return to the stage, stronger than ever!”, The singer writes on Instagram in a long message. Gordon says he had to say goodbye to his “greatest talent” years ago. “Because of the wrong medication that caused side effects such as hoarseness or loss of voice, but also because of a serious accident where I suffered a hearing loss and quite honestly also because of excessive alcohol and drug abuse, my voice was no longer the way I once started.”

But girlfriend Trijntje Oosterhuis managed to encourage Gordon to go back to music. He initially never wanted to sing again. “Because many made jokes about my voice, including colleagues who went to the country with a playback band and questioned my talent.” But during his stay at the South African clinic, Gordon learned a lot about himself.

“I am strong enough now to resist all those negative comments and look for what I can do best and that is singing.”

“I will fight for my recovery and just as Trijntje wanted to fit her dress again, I will fully want to sing” If only I could be with you “in the original pitch (Heaven helps me).”

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