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Great concerns for Phil Collins health

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It doesn’t seem to go quite well with Phil Collins (68). The singer made a painful fall during a performance of his Not Dead Yet tour and was spotted in a wheelchair before the show.

“Things like this just happen in life”

During Phil’s concert in North Carolina last Sunday, he made quite a taste on stage. The Against All Odds singer used a walking stick to walk back to his seat, but lost his balance and crashed. This is apparent from images from TMZ. The 68-year-old fell backwards, after which his drumming son Nicholas and other band members came to his aid.

Although it looked pretty embarrassing, Phil picked up immediately and continued his show. A few days later, the Genesis frontman was spotted in the American city of Atlanta, where he had a show that night. The British rocker was pushed around in a wheelchair, but otherwise seemed to be in a good mood. He greeted fans who were present and handed out autographs.

It is not the first time that Phil’s health has been compromised. The singer fell into his bathroom last year and had to go straight to the hospital for surgery on his head wound. Afterwards, the singer appeared to suffer from trailing foot as a result of another operation. “I had surgery on my back a year ago. That took its toll on my hips,” Phil explained at the time. “And now I have a drag foot, which means that I no longer have any feeling in it. I walk with a cane, but I hope things will get better soon.”

After the news came out, Phil announced that he would stop performing at least for a while. “After a successful operation on my neck, I still can’t use my hands normally,” he said. “Maybe it will change in a year, but for now it is impossible for me to play the piano or play the drums. I don’t feel bad about it, things like this happen in life.” Apparently things went better, as he started his Not Dead Yet tour this year.

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  1. David R

    October 7, 2019 at 6:44 am

    If it was a “successful” operation on his neck, he’d be able to use his hands. His back surgery is a disaster too obviously. DON’T LET THEM OPERATE ON YOU WITHOUT TRYING CHIROPRACTIC CARE!!! IF YOU DO YOU ARE A F****NG IDIOT!!! Ditt for your kids, as if that shouldn’t be obvious. That is all.


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