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Grey’s Anatomy fans begging to keep ‘Alex Karev’ alive

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Viewers are quite disappointed that Justin Chambers (49) quits Grey’s Anatomy after 15 years. Even more worrying are fans that creator Shonda Rhimes lets his character Alex Karev die. They beg her on social media not to let this happen.

“I already know that Shonda will slaughter him”

Quite a few favorite characters have died in recent seasons. Especially for Meredith Gray, the lead role played by Ellen Pompeo, it would be too heavy, according to fans, for her best friend Alex to lose her. She already lost her good friends George and Mark, sister Lexi and husband Derek, among others. “Shonda does not have to kill Alex Karev as well. Meredith has already lost far too many people … If Justin Chambers’ departure means Alex dies, Shonda will have a problem with me,” wrote a viewer. Another fan has already given up hope. “I already know that Shonda is going to butcher him and make us even more depressed than when Derek died.”

Justin has been featured in the popular hospital series since the first season. Besides him and Ellen, James Pickens Jr. (Richard Webber) and Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey) are the only other original cast members who have not had enough of the series. Justin’s farewell comes in the sixteenth series, which can now be seen on Net5 in the Netherlands.

Viewers need not fear that they will soon have to say goodbye to Grey’s Anatomy. Although actors leave and the number of viewers has decreased in recent years, the seventeenth season has already been announced. This makes Grey’s Anatomy the longest running hospital series ever: ER dropped off in 2009 after ‘only’ fifteen series.

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