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How is the cast of New Gossip Girl 2.0 doing now?

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For six years we got a glimpse into the scandalous life of Manhattan’s elite. Six years full of drama, lies, love, sex and break-ups. But how are you now, all those years later, with the cast of Gossip Girl?

Last week it was announced that Gossip Girl will restart at HBO Max, the new streaming service from Warner. The reboot takes place eight years after the original and introduces new characters. Gossip Girl 2.0 has ten episodes and focuses on the teenage life in New York that has changed considerably in the last decade.

Although the cast is not yet known, it already has a bright career ahead.

1. Blake Lively

Blake Lively played New York girl for years: Serena van der Woodsen. But Blake himself has also become a role model. Not only her clothing choices are hailed everywhere on the internet, it seems that Blake’s dream is alive. She is married to one of the best and most successful actors of the moment: Ryan Reynolds. Together they have two children and they expect a third.

After her role as Serena, she immediately scored the lead role in The Age of Adaline, with none other than Michiel Huisman. She was also seen in Savages and The Green Lantern, where she also bumped into her handsome husband.

2. Penn Badgley

Penn Badgley gave ok to ‘Lonely Boy’ Dan Humphrey for six seasons. Also the love interest of Serena. Although he seemed to have disappeared quite a bit from the spotlights after the end of the popular series, he has become mega popular again due to his role in the You sensation. And for the moment Penn is not disappearing from the radar, because a second season of the American thriller is already planned.

Although Blake and Penn were an item for a long time during Gossip Girl, their relationship did not survive the movie. In 2010 the two (to the great sorrow of the viewers) split up. Then he was with Zoë Kravitz for a while. In 2014 he met Domino Kirke, the sister of Girls actress Jemima Kirke, with whom he got married in 2017.

3. Leighton Master

Beyoncé who? The only Queen B is of course Blair Waldorf. With her own hands she managed to make hair bands completely trendy again. And she also made sure that it was acceptable to wear colored tights. Although after her GG adventure she continued to play in a number of films and was on Broadway, the success was not successful. Her album wasn’t a big hit either.

In 2014, Leighton married The O.C. star Adam Brody. A year later, she had a daughter, Arlo Day. The two got to know each other in 2011, on the set of The Oranges.

4. Ed Westwick

Chuck Bass was one of the most striking characters in the series. Ed Westwick played the arrogant Chuck for years, who fell for Blair’s charms. After Gossip Girl, Ed did not sit still. He has appeared in several productions and can still be seen in the BBC comedy White Gold as Vincent Swan. He secretly resembles Chuck.

Privately, the actor was not doing as well. Last year he was accused by three women of sexual abuse in 2014. The Gossip Girl actor immediately denied the allegations and has since been acquitted of everything. In two cases there was insufficient evidence and in the third case the alleged victim could not be reached.

5. Chace Crawford

The tastiest snack from the popular teen series was without a doubt Chace Crawford, who played Nate Archibald. After his glory days with Gossip Girl, he did score a little here and there, such as in Glee and What to Expect When You’re Expecting. But his ‘comeback’ came in 2015 with the Blood & Oil series. Unfortunately, ABC quickly pulled the plug. But that doesn’t make him less handsome.

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