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Hundreds of complaints about ‘too sexy’ performance by Pussycat Dolls

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The Pussycat made Dolls on Saturday evening. led by lead singer Nicole Sherzinger (41) their comeback. The five ladies did this during a show of the British X Factor. The performance was full of popular hits such as Don’t Cha and Buttons, which were performed in a sexy way. Those sultry outfits, choreography and poses were just not appreciated by all viewers. Ofcom, a British government organization that deals with television, looks at whether an investigation should be initiated.

“We look at whether we will start an investigation, yes or no”

The telecom company has received no fewer than 419 complaints from viewers who found the performance ‘too sultry and sexy’ for a family show that can be seen on television at eight o’clock in the evening. Nine years after the group split up to focus on their solo careers, the ladies made their comeback. They did that in tight, sexy, black suits and with dance moves from the wildest dreams.

A spokesperson for Ofcom confirms that it is being investigated whether an investigation should be initiated. “But whether we will do that is not yet certain.” So time will have to learn.

Many fans were looking forward to the performance of the five ladies who made their return without Melody Thornton. Critics did notice the playbacken. Only Nicole Sherzinger occasionally sang a note live. The other ladies sometimes didn’t even seem to do their best to play, since they didn’t even hold the microphone by their mouths. Where the singing may have left something to be desired, the dance of the five women was phenomenal. During the performance, The Pussycat Dolls played a piece of their new song, REACT. The entire song, with clip, will be released soon.

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