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It bursts loose at the first campfire at Temptation Island VIPS

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The campfires in Temptation Island are often the juiciest part of the program. The first of this season also fits in that row at home. A lot of tears flow right away.

The couples had a hard time the first few days in Thailand. For one, because there is so much temptation on the island, for the other because they miss their partner so much. But when the first campfire images are shown, the atmosphere immediately changes. The ladies in particular have to endure it. Channah, Pommeline and Yasmin immediately shoot full with the videos about their lovers.

“He does even better with her than with me,” said a crying Yasmin. Her boyfriend, Thomas, experienced a very sultry evening with seductress Djamaih. After being elected Miss Temptation, she spent a night in the actor’s room naked. Those images come as a thunderbolt for Yasmin in clear skies. “He hasn’t done so much fun with me in months.” Moreover, the bond with Daniëlle is becoming stronger. The brunette was already afraid of that, it makes her uncertain. “He can flash!”

Channah cannot believe her eyes either. Her boyfriend, Quentin, seems to be having a great time with Shané. The two shower together, hang over each other and are pretty touchy in the pool. “I don’t need that boy anymore,” she tells the other girls and presenter Yolanthe. It seems that her relationship has also been damaged by the program.

Just as with the first three episodes, it is again bad for Pommeline. Where the Flemish first had to cry because of the loss of her friend Fabrizio, it now goes wrong when she sees how affectionate he is with the seducers in the house. Moreover, her tattoan breaks one of their rules: not to go to bed last. “How can you do that?” She wonders.

The only one of the ladies who likes it is Shirley. Her friend Damian is having a good time with the seductors, especially with Lie, but nothing has happened yet and therefore she cannot be angry. She didn’t adhere to it either. That’s why she thinks she can’t complain about it.

Every Thursday at 9 a new episode of Temptation Island VIPS appears at Videoland. Can’t get enough of the tempting program? Then watch the newest Temptation Gossip with Shané. In it she tells how she plays a game with Quentin. There is also a new episode of Gossip at Videoland every Friday morning.

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