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“Justin Timberlake took Trolls 2 with both hands”

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Director Walt Dohrn had no trouble tempting singer Justin Timberlake for the sequel to animation hit Trolls. The megastar can be heard again this spring as Troll Branch in Trolls World Tour, the sequel to the hit from 2016.

“We learned in the first film that the troll world is bigger than our world”

“We leave Justin very free during the recording,” Walt explains. “He really likes to improvise; that is how his comic talent comes out best. We also let our actors come in early so that we can sometimes adjust scenes if they have great finds.”

Moreover, Justin is an executive producer; in that capacity he has a big finger in the door when it comes to the music used in the film. “We learned in the first film that the troll world is bigger than our world,” says Walt. “So there is still so much new to discover in that world. Trolls enjoy their music, but in the second part we learn that there are many different types of trolls that make different types of music: hip-hop trolls, hard rock trolls. Is it bad to be different? And can’t we better focus on the things we have in common? ”

The animator has already had a long career; he collaborated on hits such as Shrek, Spongebob Squarepants and Madagascar. But Trolls World Tour is the first time he has received a solo credit as a director. “I feel even more responsible than last time! Animation is of course teamwork, but one person must bear the final responsibility. If a film works well, it is a credit to hundreds of people; if a film flops, you can only address the director accordingly. ”

But at the same time, Walt rarely had so much fun producing a film. “I have contact with all makers, with all the different departments. And you can challenge people to push boundaries; I try to challenge all cartoonists to make an even better film than last time.” The Trolls 2 trailer was launched online this week.

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