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Kanye West still wants to become president of America

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Kanye West does not hide his wish to move into the White House someday. West has recorded several times in recent years that he sees himself as the future president of the United States and emphasized that again in the interview he had with Apple Music radio station Beats 1.

“One day I will be president”

Kanye, a fervent supporter of Donald Trump, said: “One day I will be the president and then I will remember every founder who did not have the capacity to understand what we are doing culturally.” It was not clear which founders the singer was referring to, but later in the conversation he mentioned the names of Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter boss Jack Dorsey.

During the interview, Kanye also revealed that after his mother’s death in 2007, he had a sex addiction. “Some people lose themselves in drugs and I lost myself in sex.” According to Kanye, his addiction was fed from an early age by the Playboy magazine, which opened the doors for him to pornography. “It has influenced every choice I made from my 5th year to the present.” He says he is now “cured” of his addiction.

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