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Keith Bakker in isolation cell because of the blog

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The intimate chat sessions that Keith Bakker (58), who is suspected of sexual abuse, put online, made sure that he ended up in the isolation cell. Bakker shared chats on a blog with his 18-year-old ex-girlfriend. He wanted to prove that he had done nothing wrong.

“It is a difficult situation because, as far as we know, this has not happened before”

During the investigation into how the suspect was able to place this, he was temporarily placed in isolation. That measure is now over. When asked if Bakker can have a blog posted again in this way, a spokesperson for the National Agency of Correctional Institutions answers that this is indeed possible.

“The suspect has been in contact by phone with a friend who posted the blog,” a spokesperson told RTL Boulevard. “This is a new situation for us. We are investigating how we should deal with this. known this has not happened before. ”

Keith Bakker recently received a lot of criticism after it became known that he was again associated with a sexual offense. In 2012, Bakker was sentenced to five years in prison for the sexual abuse of seven young women. The victims were then with him to get rid of an alcohol or eating problem, since Bakker worked in a rehab. According to them, Bakker abused his position.

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