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Korea lodges a complaint against Disney: Frozen 2 too often

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A South Korean civil society organization has filed a complaint against Disney. The reason: according to the organization Frozen 2, no less than 88 percent of all cinema screens showed on the premiere day of the film. That percentage would be contrary to the Korean regulations regarding the creation of monopolies, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

If a company has 50 percent of the market share in a certain market segment, this is considered a dominant position under Korean legislation. That’s prohibited. At the same time, no maximum number of cinema screens can be specified within the legislation of the country that can be assigned to one film at a time.

The civil society organization has filed a complaint with a regional branch of the Korean prosecutor, hoping that it will start an investigation into the possible monopoly position of Disney. Previously, another organization, the recently established, so-called Council for Filmists against a Monopoly, demanded that the South Korean government intervene against – according to them – the domination of Disney.

Frozen 2 has a huge success in South Korea, where the film has already raised more than 60 million euros since 23 November. This makes the country the third largest market in terms of revenue, after North America and China. There is also a downside to that success, say Korean filmmakers. Disney would hardly leave room for local, small-scale initiatives.

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