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Lionel Richie is not 100% behind the daughter’s relationship

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Lionel Richie (70) is still not completely happy that his 21-year-old daughter Sofia has a relationship with 36-year-old Scott Disick. Yet he has now “accepted” it, according to a source for E! News.

“Lionel can see how happy his daughter is”

Lionel may not always have been a big fan of his daughter’s relationship, but the singer did spend Thanksgiving with Sofia and Scott. “He has accepted the relationship, but is still not 100% behind it. This is mainly due to the age difference of 15 years between the two and how young Sofia is,” a source reveals to E! News. “Lionel can see how happy his daughter is, so he does his best now to create a bond with Scott.”

The three celebrated Thanksgiving together and then went on a short vacation. “Lionel is a very honest, straightforward type of person. He finds his father-daughter relationship with Sofia very important, so he does his best to be there for her and to be on her side as much as possible, no matter what he thinks of the relationship. ” Scott and Sofia have been together for about two years.

Scott has three children that he had together with his ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian. The two finally decided to separate. Scott then came in contact with Sofia, then 19 years old, a good friend of Kourtney’s sister Kylie Jenner. Lionel was a lot less enthusiastic about the couple at the time. “She is 19. When you are 19, you think you already know everything. Will they stay together forever? I don’t know,” said the singer. “For now, it’s just a phase and I’ll stay out of it.”

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