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Martin Shkreli’s appeal was rejected

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Martin Shkreli, the controversial American businessman and pharmaceutical magnate, does not escape his punishment. A judge in New York has rejected the appeal of 36-year-old Shkreli.

Shkreli is also called “Pharma Bro” or “America’s most hated man.” Last March he was sentenced to seven years in prison for fraud.

In addition to the imprisonment for cheating investors from his former company Retrophin, the New York court ordered him to pay a $ 75,000 fine. Earlier, the 34-year-old entrepreneur was told that he had to donate more than 7.4 million dollars in assets, including a very rare album by rap group Wu-Tang Clan.

Shkreli became known as director of his other pharmaceutical company Thuring Pharma. With that company he bought medicines that had expired, and then sold them for much more money.

He did the same with Daraprim, an anti-HIV medicine. Instead of charging $ 13.50 per pill, Shkreli immediately asked $ 750, making the medicine unaffordable for many Americans.

Shkreli was transferred to a more secure prison earlier this year. That happened after The Wall Street Journal found out that he continued to run his company Turing from his cell with the help of a cell phone. His release is now scheduled for October 2023.

The man is so hated in America that it proved difficult to find unbiased jury candidates for his trial. Of the 250 potential jury members, none of them wanted to participate in the jury at first.

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