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Marvel officially announces arrival of ‘Fantastic Four’

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Yesterday evening Marvel producer Kevin Feige announced a lot of new films and series. Since the acquisition of Fox, fans have also hoped for a film about the Fantastic Four, Marvel’s first superhero family. Good news: Feige indeed confirmed that the film is currently being worked on.

Marvel will bring the Fantastic Four to the big screen again. Earlier attempts by Fox, which meanwhile have been taken over by Disney, were not particularly appreciated and many fans are happy that Marvel has regained control of the rights. The Fantastic Four team consists of Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Benjamin Grimm (The Thing), Sue Storm (Invisible Woman) and Johnny Storm (Human Torch). Well-known enemies include Doctor Doom, Annihilus and Galactus.

So Feige has now officially confirmed that there is a film about the Fantastic Four in the pipeline. Unfortunately he could not give a release date yet. Yet this announcement is great news and Fantastic Four is really a movie to look forward to!

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