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Michael Jackson bodyguard: ‘Documentary is one hundred percent lie’

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Leaving Neverland has left a considerable dent in the legacy of Michael Jackson. The late singer was accused of child abuse in the documentary. The docu was so well received that it received an Emmy Award last week. Michaels former bodyguard is now telling his story. “It was time to say my word”, Matt Fiddes told Metro.

“If he did what those people say, he wouldn’t have had time for anything else”

The former bodyguard of the King of Pop finally opens a booklet about the ten years he has gone through with Michael. Matt Fiddes tells the British site Metro about his experiences with the singer. According to him, pop legend is innocent of the allegations made in the documentary Leaving Neverland. “He is not the man described by James and Wade,” says the bodyguard.

“That speculation about whether he is a pedophile is complete bullshit,” Matt continues to Metro. “That boy had girlfriends and a real marriage with Lisa Marie Presley. That’s how he lived his life.” The bodyguard also claims that he and the rest of the staff “sneaked in girls.” Moreover, the allegations from the documentary would be “impossible” because Michael “barely” spent time on Neverland. According to the docu, the abuse took place there.

“He built Neverland for charity, so he could give something back,” Matt says. “It was a joke that he was never there. He had to be in LA for meetings and that was about a four-hour drive from the ranch. And he hated that long drive, so he was almost never there. He was alone for it public events and preferred to spend his time in a hotel suite. ”

“If he did what those people say, he wouldn’t have had time for anything else,” says the bodyguard. “Michael already had to record music, perform and practice. Moreover, it was impossible to do those things with small children, since there was always security present. It is simply impossible.” The lawsuits in the early zero’s did not help Michael either. “Many so-called friends took their distance,” Matt says. “He also didn’t feel safe on stage anymore. He was afraid of being shot at.” Further in the interview, the bodyguard indicates that Michael is “not sticking out his neck” if he wasn’t sure that the singer was “100% innocent”.

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