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Modern Family says goodbye to a beloved cast member

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Hit series Modern Family has said goodbye to a character loved by the fans. In the last episode you can see who had to leave the popular hit series in a very emotional way. Note: spoiler!

“He knew the dances of Grease”

The character who unfortunately dies is Frank, played by Fred Willard (80), the father of Phil Dunphy. Frank eventually dies a natural death because of old age. The episode shows how much Phil, who is portrayed by Ty Burrell (52), and his father care for each other.

We see Phil giving his father a haircut, which leads to a personal conversation. Phil asks his father if he had not wanted another child, who could have taken over the family business. The answer is: “No, Phil. Never.”. Eventually we see Phil tell about his father. “He was a cool father. He knew the dances of Grease and knew all abbreviations.” BFF: Best Friends Forever, TMI: Too Much Information, BJ: Blue Jeans. ”

Then Phil refers to the day he gave his father a haircut. “We didn’t do much that day, but it was perhaps one of the best days with my father. I just didn’t know it would be the last.” Then we suddenly see the entire cast in the living room of the Dunphys. Phil takes the floor there. “If I’ve learned anything from that last day, it’s that you have to let people know that you appreciate them.”

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