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Orlando Bloom: ‘I haven’t had sex for six months’

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Before Orlando Bloom met Katy Perry in 2016, he went through a difficult period. On the advice of a good friend, he therefore abstained from sex for months, in order to get closer to himself. This reports The Sunday Times.

“Porn is disastrous for your sex life and libido”

Orlando’s friend recommended that he go celibate if he ever wanted to have a serious relationship with a woman again. “At first I planned to do that for three months, but I liked it so much that it eventually turned into six. I came into contact with my feminine side and I liked the way I interacted with women without sex nice, “said Orlando.

The actor also denied himself porn movies or magazines. “Porn is disastrous for your sex life and libido. If you watch movies like that all the time, your partner can never stand up to it because you have sex wrong. It is destructive.”

When Orlando met Katy, his celibacy was over. The two had a relationship, which later broke up but also turned out well again. Now the engaged couple is expecting their first child together.

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