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Patrick Stewart initially refused Star Trek comeback

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It had made little difference if Patrick Stewart (79) had not returned as his iconic character, Captain Picard, in the upcoming Star Trek series. The 79-year-old actor told the Graham Norton Show that he was not going to make a comeback until the producers came up with an offer that he couldn’t turn down.

“They made me an offer that I could not refuse”

“It is very important to me because I have said so often in public: I am done with it. Star Trek was great and it has changed my life and my career, but I have said everything and there is nothing more to say” , said Stewart, who will be featured in Star Trek: Picard from next week. He did not like a return. To personally tell the makers of the series, he visited them. “So I went to the meeting to explain to them face-to-face why I couldn’t do it. And then they made an offer that I couldn’t refuse.”

The British actor was interested, but suggested a few conditions before he agreed. He no longer wanted his characteristic red uniform and the Starship Enterprise had to play a more limited role in the story. “They said they could live with that. I hope it will be great.”

Stewart played Jean-Luc Picard for seven seasons in Star Trek – The Next Generation and in four Star Trek films.

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