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Pennywise Horror Clown will have his own spinoff after ‘It: Chapter Two’

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The second part of ‘It’ will be soon in the cinema, but there are already rumors that the horror clown Pennywise will walk on screen for the third time. This time without the kids though.

Pennywise and the Losers Club can be seen again in the cinema with ‘It: Chapter Two’ from 5 September, but the craziness surrounding the film franchise can continue for years. At least, that’s what the director Andy Muschietti thinks. There could simply be a solo film about the horror clown. During the CinePOP press conference, he explained how that would work.

“The story is very big and Pennywise has been in the books for a million years.”

Enough years to make a story! “He has been in contact with people before, certainly for five hundred years,” Andy explains. “What’s more, it pops up every 27 years. So, as you go back and forth, there’s enough drama to draw inspiration.” When he was asked if there is a Pennywise movie coming up, he replied: “Eventually.”

Until then, fans will have to be content with a new IT film. We make a leap in time and the children of the Losers Club are fully grown up. Unfortunately, the clown returns from their nightmares.

“This is the end of the story, so there is no part three,” says Andy. “This is where the Losers’ fight against Pennywise ends.”

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