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Rob Lowe: Tom Cruise is furious over a hotel room

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When Tom Cruise learned in the early 1980s that he had to share a hotel room with Rob Lowe, he was not happy about it. Lowe told Tuesday in the Armchair Expert podcast that the young Cruise “went crazy” when he heard that he had no room for himself.

The incident occurred when both young actors were flown to New York for a final casting round for the movie The Outsiders for a meeting with director Francis Ford Coppola. “We checked in at the Plaza Hotel, I had never been there,” said Lowe about the famous five-star hotel in Manhattan. The actor remembers the moment when Cruise found out that he had to share a room. “I had to laugh about it, but it was intense.”

According to Lowe, Cruise’s attitude is the reason why the actor became a great Hollywood star. “What I love about that story is that some people have always been exactly who they are, and that aspect of them has got them where they are today,” said the actor. “The idea that as an 18-year-old with a few small roles in your name you adopt such an attitude. But in the end it paid off, you have to admit. He had a goal and he never lost sight of that. ”

Almost thirty years after the release of The Outsiders, Lowe still praises Cruise’s attitude to work, who is known for doing almost all of his own stunts. “When I read about that, I always think back to the gym on the set of the movie, where we had to learn to do a backside somersault,” said the actor, emphasizing how difficult the stunt is. Cruise worked so hard that he was the only one to master the somersault. “And that’s why you only see him do that in the movie.”

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