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Scarlett Johansson clarifies words on a “politically correct casting”

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The criticism that Scarlett Johansson previously expressed on the “politically correct” casting policy in Hollywood appears to have been drawn quite out of context. The actress told Entertainment Weekly that her statement was “edited for clickbait.”

“The question I answered in conversation with the modern artist David Salle was about the confrontation between political correctness and art,” says the Avengers actress.

“Personally, I think that, in an ideal world, every actor whoever would be allowed to play and that art, in all its forms, should be immune to political correctness. I tried to make that point, but that did not seem entirely right. “

The American acknowledges that there is quite a bit of contradiction in her field of work and that especially Caucasian – the term used to describe the general physical type of the original population of Europe, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, West Asia, Central Asia and South Asia – same-sex actors are preferred for the role in the casting process.

“Not every actor has been offered the same options, while I was lucky. That is why I continue to support diversity in the industry and continue to fight for projects that everyone could participate in. “

On Saturday, various media reported, based on an interview in As If Magazine, that Scarlett felt that as an actress she should “play any person, any tree and any animal” because it is her job. With this she referred to the fact that certain actors and actresses are cast or not cast based on their skin color.

“I feel that it is a trend and that it happens for various social reasons.”

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