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Selena Gomez afraid of being left partnerless

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In an interview with the media company Genius, Selena Gomez spoke frankly about her fears of ‘being left alone’. The 27-year-old singer came to talk about the lyrics of her song Rare, which is mainly about having self-confidence. Something that Selena does not always succeed.

“Sometimes I wake up and I think: I always stay alone. But fifteen minutes later I can pick myself up again and I know that for everyone somewhere there is that one person to be happy with. I am actually just a baby and I have many years ahead, “says Selena.

“My self-confidence is getting better as I get older, but it’s always a tricky thing. I’ve never been so open about this, but I think it’s important and I want to talk about it. In previous relationships I have been in situations where I have was deliberately kept small by the person I was with at the time. Purely to see if I would stay in the relationship and especially not to think: hey, I don’t feel like it and am strong enough to walk away from it. “

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