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Selena Gomez drops new single again

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Selena Gomez (27) has again made herself heard musically. The singer also launched the single Lose You To Love Me on Tuesday, while on Thursday she will again release a song: Look At Her Now.

“You’ve all experienced it together with me”

The song also includes a video that would have been made entirely with an iPhone. “Here is my special gift for you” she wrote with the video on Instagram. “You have all experienced it together with me and I am grateful that you have encouraged me to get the best out of myself.”

The album tells the story of a young couple breaking up and is therefore a direct follow-up to the single that they released earlier this week. “I felt that these two songs had to be released one after the other in order to be able to tell the complete story of how to get up again, no matter what challenges life brings. Shut yourself off from all negativity and live your life the way you do want to. ”

With Look At Her Now, Selena seems to be returning to a post by Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey. Shortly after Selena dropped her first single, Lose You To Love Me, which, according to fans, would be clearly about ex Justin, Hailey posted the song I’ll Kill You on her Instagram Stories. The Summer Walker song is about a possessive woman who gives a visit to every woman who comes to her husband. Ms Bieber, by the way, denies the link she wanted to make with her post and says it is pure coincidence.

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