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Sharon Stone tells about the stroke that almost killed her

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Sharon Stone was primarily known in the nineties, when she appeared in films such as Total Recall, Casino and Basic Instinct. In recent years she has been taking things a bit slower, but according to the 61-year-old Stone, she was also completely ignored after having had a life-threatening stroke.

The actress was recently present as a speaker at the Alzheimer’s event in Hollywood, where she stood up for the Women’s Brain Health Initiative. So she said:

This is why I do it. My grandmother has had a stroke. My mother has had a stroke. And I’ve had a stroke. I have had a brain haemorrhage that lasted nine days .

“People were not sympathetic at all and showed no compassion. I think that almost no one knows how dangerous such a stroke is and how long it takes to get over it again. It took me at least seven years for it. It was a difficult period for me, with the necessary professional and personal problems. For example, I had to fight for my son’s guardianship.

“I am so grateful that Bernard Arnault saved me. He offered me a contract with Dior. But I still had to sell my house and I lost everything I had, including my place in the film world. At first I was the most famous movie star. First Princess Diana and I were world famous. She died and I had a stroke. And we have both now been forgotten”.

Stone didn’t know at first how serious it was, but now urges other people to pay more attention:

“If you really have a bad headache, you should go to the hospital. I didn’t do that. I only went the third or fourth day of my stroke. Most people die during that time. I had a one percent chance of survival. They didn’t know if I was going to get through that month at all”.

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