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Swiss ban on track racing may be lifted after almost 70 years on the draft

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Since 1955, motorsport races on closed circuits have been banned in Switzerland, but this may change in the relatively short term after a vote on a change in the country’s traffic laws.

A Swiss Committee on Transport and Telecommunications on Tuesday approved by ten votes to three a revision of traffic laws in Switzerland. Part of the package of changes is also the lifting of the ban on motorsport racing on closed circuits, which has been in effect since 1955. At the time, the ban was imposed after a major accident during the 24 hours of Le Mans, in which 84 spectators were killed. The Swiss government responded quickly with a ban.

For almost 70 years, the door for a return to motorsport in Switzerland has thus been opened again. Nevertheless, the country has been able to welcome some motorsport classes in recent years. For example, Formula E has already raced in Bern and Zurich, while various rallies are also held on public roads. Due to the improved safety regulations on the tracks and for drivers, officials and fans, the return of motorsport in the Alpine country is possible, as well as the innovative possibilities for racing sustainable motorsport classes.

The commission’s decision follows the approval already given by the National Council in March 2022 for the return of motorsport in Switzerland. Now it is up to the city councils to give permission and give strength to the resurrection of racing in Switzerland. It is not yet entirely certain that the ban on motorsport in Switzerland will disappear, because a minority has spoken out against it. They argue that racing with internal combustion engines is out of this era.

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