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Swiss ski season will never be the same: the odd rules for tourists and sportsmen are here

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The winter sports season has officially started again and unlike last year, most European countries are reopening their ski slopes again. You can go skiing or snowboarding in Italy, Germany, France and Switzerland. The latter also introduced new coronavirus measures since last Saturday, 4 December. Switzerland abolished the quarantine requirement for all foreign travellers, thus removing the country’s main travel restriction. Below we tell you everything you need to know if you are planning a winter holiday to the Alps soon.

In some Swiss ski resorts where there is already snow, the ski slopes are now open. And as of Saturday 4 December, Switzerland has decided to remove all countries from their current quarantine list, but instead there will be stricter testing requirements for people entering the country. This was decided by the Swiss government, because the presence of the new Omikron variant has also been established in Switzerland. This therefore removes the quarantine obligation for all foreign travellers. However, the validity of rapid antigen tests will be shortened from 48 hours to 24 hours.

Furthermore, anyone travelling from EU who is 16 years of age or older is required to complete the Swiss government’s online entry form (Swiss PLF) prior to the journey and to be able to present a negative PCR test result not older than 72 hours when entering Switzerland. But foreign travellers are required to take a second test somewhere between the fourth and seventh day of their stay. Travellers can choose between a PCR test or an antigen rapid test, regardless of whether you are fully vaccinated or have already recovered from the disease. The cost of both tests shall be borne by the traveller. Wearing masks is mandatory in the ski lift and you also need a coronapass to enter restaurants and bars. Unvaccinated persons coming from countries or regions at risk will be refused entry into Switzerland.

Thanks to Travelcheck, travellers to Switzerland can easily check which conditions apply in their case. This interactive platform of the Swiss authorities provides information on the applicable travel conditions according to the country of origin, the vaccination status, the means of transport, etc.

In Germany there are different rules per land, especially a 2G and 3G policy, NOS reported. A 2G Coronation card means that your QR code is only valid if you have been fully vaccinated or cured of a Coronavirus infection. A QR code within the 3G policy is valid after full vaccination, after a cure for corona, but also if you took a negative coronary test within the last 24 hours. In Germany, you must also register online before arrival and unvaccinated people, including children, must be quarantined. If you test negative after five days, you get out of quarantine. In Bavaria, for example, the rules are somewhat stricter. In addition to a vaccination certificate or recovery certificate, you must also be able to present a negative test result, if you wish to use a ski lift. They should only be a quarter full.

In France, there is a 3G policy on the ski slopes, but you are also required to wear a mask from 11 years and older when standing in line or entering anywhere. These rules will soon be tightened, as from 15 december 2021, people over 65 will need a third shot before their coronapass is considered valid. From January 15, this rule applies to everyone, so your coronapas will expire after seven months without the third vaccination. You’ll have to get tested every 24 hours.

Austria is still in lockdown until 13 December 2021, so all hotels, shops and restaurants are still closed for the time being. Whether the country will be out of lockdown from 14 December and whether foreigners will be allowed to ski is still unclear. From January 2022 Austria would no longer consider 1 injection of the Janssen vaccine as a complete vaccination and there will be a 2G policy. Also, there will still be a mask duty everywhere.

In Italy, from 12 years and older, a coronapass, as well as wearing a mask, is mandatory for ski lifts and hotels. Bars, restaurants and public transport also have a 2G policy starting today, Monday, December 6, 2021. In this case, the coronapas is only valid if you have been vaccinated or recovered from the disease. A negative test is not enough. However, the rules may vary from region to region and depend mainly on the colour code given to the region by the Ministry of Health (based on the number of infections). Therefore, as in the case of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it is recommended to check the local rules before departure.

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