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Temptation Island Pommeline: “It will never work with Fabrizio again”

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It became painfully clear that it would no longer relations between Pommeline and Fabrizio after their participation in the Temptation Island VIPS. The tattoo artist was already spotted with two other women, but the blonde nevertheless suddenly appeared in his Instagram Story.

In the Temptation Island VIPS it becomes clearer that there is no future between Pommeline and Fabrizio. The engagement was broken and the tattoo artist would have had two relationships after his participation, one of which would have been with seducer Julia. Despite the difficulties between the former couple, Pommeline recently appeared in the Instagram Story of her former darling. Now the blonde gives clarity.

Pommeline wants to inform that the break has not been glued.

“We have had a beautiful and intense relationship, I loved him dearly, but it’s better that way,” she says to her followers on Instagram. “We both know it will never work between us again. After a long time, I am finally myself again and I am doing fine.”

The relationship is therefore definitely over between the blonde and Fabrizio.

“We both went our own way,” the blonde continues in her Instagram Story. “And I hope that now it’s has become clearer. He has made mistakes, but he is still human and people make mistakes. Live and let live.”

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