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Terminator director Tim Miller is processing flop

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Tim Miller (49), the director of the recent Terminator film Dark Fate, is very disappointed that the film is quite flopped. However, the director can think of some reasons why fans didn’t go to the cinema en masse at the beginning of this month. “I’m sure we could write a book about why it didn’t work,” he says in The Hollywood Reporter. “I am still processing it, but I am very proud of the film.”

“I am still processing it, but I am very proud of the film”

In the United States, Dark Fate raised only 29 million in the opening weekend, much less than the makers had hoped because it cost 185 million to make it. One of the reasons that the film has been flopped is that Tim, Terminator-creator James Cameron and producer David Ellison thought about many things differently.

James and David, as producers, had the final say in major creative decisions. “Even though I lose the fight, I feel obliged to fight because that is what a director should do. Fighting for your film.”

Tim felt he had no control over Dark Fate. That is why the director would no longer cooperate with James, who made the first two films from 1984 and 1991. “That has nothing to do with the trauma that I left to the experience. That’s because I never want to get into a situation where I don’t have the power to do the right thing.” The two are still friends, so they will be having a beer together soon.

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