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The cute Gremlins to get their own series 2019

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Bringing old films and series back to life appears to be an everlasting trend in Hollywood. After Terminator and The Mummy, another blockbuster can be added to the list. The popular movie Gremlins from 1984 also gets a reboot, but differently than you might think.

According to the American TVLine, hard work is currently being done on an animated series about the cuddly animals that turn into little monsters. The 1984 film was a great success and tells the story of the mogwai. These animals seem very cute, but they do have a strings attached: they cannot stand strong light, they cannot get wet and they cannot be fed after midnight. If this happens, they will turn into terrible monsters.

The Gremlins series consists of ten episodes and is set as a prequell. It is finally explained how the cuddly fluffy things turn into horrible monsters and ended up from China to America. The main character is the ten-year version of Mr. Wing, the owner of the store where the Mogwai Gizmo comes from the movies. The animation series will be called Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai and will be shown on the planned streaming service from Warner Bros.

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